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August 17, 2005
London, UK
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Has anyone experienced trouble, getting certain channels tuned/displayed since the upgrade to RC2??. I also have the latest CVS.

I have removed the cards and just installed my Compro T300. It detects all DVB-T and DVB-Radio channels from the Crystal Palace transmitter in London.

I am unable to get Sky Three and UKTV History to display correctly and intermittent channels (assuming they might be on the same MUX). Both have broken audio and no vision (black) if accessed directly from the program guide. Sometimes MP gives the 'no signal detected' error. When switching to the channel, it just shows a freeze frame from the previous channel watched. I have also lost the program listings on the EPG.

I have installed all updated drivers for the card. If anyone has had a similar problem, perhaps they'd be kind enough to post their solution. I haven't tried with the other cards (Nova-T) as I was having some seperate issues relating to dual DVB-T tuners. It is worth saying though that I was able to access ALL channels, prior to removing cards, updating MP from 0.1.3 to RC2 and downloading the latest CVS'

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February 20, 2006
I have the T200 card with rc2 and am also having this problem. it was really bad at first and had loads of channels with this problem. did a reinstall or windows and media portal and it was loads better but still having the problem with 2 channels (channel 4 + bbc4) if any 1 can help, please do lol

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