Ultimate HTPC with Silverstone LaScala LC10B-M+ (1 Viewer)


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January 8, 2005
Zurich, Siwtzerland
Hi all

nice HTPC solution:

Silverstone SST-LC10B-M+ with iMon Pad and VFD
Elanvital 450W ATX 0db (turns on Fan if needed)
P4 3 Ghz (530J) with Zalman Cooler
P5P800SE with Digital SPDIF and GigaLan
I bought corsair memory, but it didnt fit in because the Memory slotis right under the DVD Cage, so DONT BUY high Memory like the 3200C2 Pro
2x 512 MB Kingston HyperX
AGP Radeon 9600XT 256MB (plenty of power even for HDTV)
WesternDigital Raptor 36GB SATA (really fast for seamless recording)
LG GSA-4163B patched to RPC1
2x Hauppage MCE WinTV PVR-150 (only install drivers not the Apps)
BeQuiet Fans instead of original Case Fans
BeQuit Noisebreaker padding (especially around HDD Cage)

Media Portal
InterVideo for DVD Navigator and Decoder in MP
PVR Scheduler
TV Movie Clickfinder
iMon Drivers for Remote and VFD
Dsclaer 4 & 5 (install first, then ffdshow)
ffdshow (allround decoder for any sort of Internet Movie)
Motherboard Monitor for Status Plugin in MP
Free Bootskin Editor with MP Startup Screen (really neat)
Asus MyLogo to edit Bios Logo to MP

tvtv.ch Subscription for PVR via Internet

WinXP SP2 configured with gpedit.msc so you can deactivate all the logon Screens and stuff and use the command "control userpasswords2" for automatic logon (or regedit HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/WinLogo if you are in a domain)

Radio and TV Logos also configured

now this is one MP branded stable HTPC. If you are looking forward to buy one, then do it right.

Cost: 1800 SFr., approx 1300US$ (Retail Price)

im a vendor of HTPCs and this is one of the best configs i ever made

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January 8, 2005
Zurich, Siwtzerland
nice, but doesnt it get a bit warm, which cards do you have on the sli?

what are your experiences with SLI, is it working well, how about the usage,are the threads or processes shared all the time or is it software dependent?

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