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October 26, 2005
Area: Media Portal Program
MediaPortal Version: RC2 (2006-01-21)
MediaPortal Skin: BlueTwo
Windows Version: Windows XP (SP2)
.NET CLR Version: 2.0.50727
DirectX Version: (9.0c)
Audio Codec: Elecard Audio Decoder
Video Codec: Elecard MPEG-2 Video Decoder
CPU Type: AMD Athlon 64 3200+
Memory: 1 GB
Motherboard: 'K8N-E-Deluxe' (ASUSTeK Computer INC.)
TV Card Model: Haupauge PVR 150 MCE
TV Card Type: Hardware
TV Card Driver: Latest
Video Card Model: Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 (128 MB)
Video Card Driver: -
Video Card Resolution: 1024x768
Video Render Type: VMR9
Audio Card Model: Realtek AC'97 Audio
Audio Card Driver: -

After i have installed the latest CVS, the setup prg. tell's me it's unable to create Graph, and thereafter it's unable to detekt my TV card. Setup prg. just freeses up when trying to detect the card.

Looks like i'm only able to run the CVS from 8/01-06 before the MCE cards fix ?

Hope that you guy's can help me out here :)


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October 26, 2005
Problem Solved (Elecard the problem)

Hi all.

Looks like i have solved my problem, stubbern as i am

Today when i came home from work, i decided to start all over with my
installalation, and i laid on a fresh Ghost image, then the net 2.0, MP rc.o2
then finally the latest CVS from today 26/01-06.

The setup worked, no problems at all, HMMMM odd i thought...
I whent on installing my codecs windvd, then Elecard mpegplayer and the IMGburner, it's getting to be a rutine you know installing installing

Then i made a test on the MPsetup, and it froose up on me, right there...

One of the utils. prgs. hmmm uninstalled the IMGburner, no the prblm was still there.

Uninstalled the Elecard mpeg player, Yahooo no it works again

So it looks like that the Elecard mpgplayer has a isue regarding MP, maybe not the codecs itselves, but the program. ??? I'm not sure...

Should it be reported as a Bug ????

Hope it's something that you can use..

Regards Jowda.

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