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December 14, 2005
Gdansk, Poland
Denmark Denmark
Hi guys,

I really really hope that someone may be able to help me on this.

I live in Gdansk, Poland, where I have cable TV at UPC service provider. I currently only have analogue signal, but the picture is terrible when comparing to my digital sources. So I would of course LOOOOOVE to go digital. However, UPC are not yet offering this in Gdansk, but will be during the summer.
UPC are telling me that I HAVE to purchase a decoder from them, after which I cursed a bit on the phone and kindly asking if I couldn't just use my DVB-C card (that I don't have yet) to take the channels. The technician said no, but did however confirm that the digital signal is DVB-C.

My questions are as follows:

1) Does anyone here live in Poland some place who have tried taking UPC Digital with eg. FireDTV? And how?

2) How do I test if the signal I get from UPC may be decoded using FireDTV?

3) In general.... I want to use a media-server to take down this signal that they say I can only take down with their own decoders.... how do I do that, so I may be able to record one channel and watch another using MediaPortal?

Any help will be highly appreciated.... thanks! :)

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