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  • September 11, 2007
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    Would it be possible to make more info on the current state of online updates from tvdb available to skins? Currently you only get a loading bar indicating that ... well ... something is happening.

    There is no indication whatsoever how long this process will take or what is happening atm. I had a few friends over recently and while browsing through the series the ui became slow and the loading bar appeared. The first reaction from them was: "hey, why is everything slower and what does that loading thingy mean?"

    You could create a String property for skins called e.g. "#TVSeries.Update.Status" and "#TVSeries.Update.Progress". The first one would show messages like
    • Looking for new local files
    • Downloading xml files from thetvdb.com"
    • Comparing online data with local data
    • Downloading updated series
    • Downloading updated episodes
    • Downloading updated banners
    • Updating database entries
    • ...

    ,eventually you could make more detailed update info (#TVSeries.Update.Details) available as well. The "Progress" property would be an estimate of the current update progress.

    Hope this can be added within one of the future version...


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