Ongoing Upgrade my PC to a perfekt HTPC! Hardware suggestions? (1 Viewer)


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February 2, 2005
Kempten, Germany

I'm using Mediaportal for six month now. I started with a desktop tower with an AMD Athlon XP 1700+, 512 MB memory and bought an FX5200, PVR150MCE and MCE2005 remote.

Now that I'm a experienced mediaportal user I want to get a new system. I'm planing on buying the Thermaltake Tenor case in black, using my existing Gigabyte mainboard including the Athlon XP and the 512 infineon.
Additional I want to change hardrives. My plans are to get a 40GB notebook HDD for operating system and mp3s and an 250 GB Samsung Spinpoint 5400rpm which should be very quiet! I would like to mount both in a flexible way to avoid vibrations.
I also want to get a Silverstone Fanless Power Supply and either a fanless CPU-cooler or a very quiet fan. Depends on your suggestions.

I want to have a really quiet system. What to you guys think about my plans???
Thanks for your comments!


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