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September 24, 2006
Started on: 2009-02-21
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There is no zoom mode to "correct" the anamorphic stretch of the S-video output on a 16:9 CRT TV.


Using a 16:9 CRT TV, I use the S-video connection of my graphics card. This allows me to only output 4:3 resolutions to my 16:9 TV. I use the TV to stretch this up to 16:9 (anamorphic). This works great using a wide skin. The problem arises when I watch video's. the Zoom settings do not allow me to rearrange the aspect ratio in order to let me view the video's as they should be viewed (in their original aspect ratio). The "stretch" mode does work when the aspect ratio of the video is exactly 16:9 but if it is any other ratio like 2.35:1 there isn't any zoom mode which "restores" the "original" aspect ratio. Media Player Classic has a feature called "scale to 16:9 TV" which does just that. I guess the video should be stretched vertically by a factor 1.333.
Maybe it would be even nicer if there is one or more zoom settings where you can specify this ratio yourself, so you can cycle through them while watching.

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    Did you try changing the screen aspect ratio in MP's screen config (inside MP settings section)?
    There is one screen where you can tweak the aspect ratio when playing videos. Just set your TV to Stretch and then correct the aspect with this in MP setup, and all videos will have the correct aspect when using Normal zoom mode.

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