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January 22, 2005
I want to know if there is a way of using my freeview box with mediaportal. I have video in and video out support on my graphics card so should be able to plug my freeview bow into my pc. The thing i am wondering is how i can make it so that the channel on the freeview box is controlled with mediaportal. Also using one freeview box is it possible to record one channel while watching another? If my current freeview box will not enable me to do these things with mediaportal can anyone suggest a pci freeview tuner that is compatible with mediaportal?

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November 27, 2004
Tilburg, Netherlands
you'll need an mpeg2 encoding tv-card, not just a graphics-card. And a ir-sending device: USBUIRT2.

edit: google learned me that freetv is actually dvb-t without the need for a smartcard. So in that case buying a dvb-t card is an even better solution (no quality loss from decoding and later encoding again). Have a look at the wiki for supported cards


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May 31, 2004
Quote from the homepage:
And here is another little teaser for the upcoming release. When to expect? Maybe this weekend? Who knows? :)

* Teletext support voor de SkyStar2 (Done by Agree)
* Performance is much better now!
* Configuration.exe has been cleaned up
* RedEye serial support
* External Tuner support <--
* DVB-S/DVB-T/DVB-C are working now
* Supported TV cards has been expanded

This should be what you need.

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