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November 8, 2005
Hi Guys!

I build a VGA to Scart cable with this plan:

But when I connect the VGA-port of my ATI Radeon 9600TX with the Scart-port of my TV (TV has only one Scart-port), I can only see big black/white blocks, which running over the screen.

I connect/braze only the wires to the Scart-connector, which are descriped in the section "The Cable". Do I need to connect the power-supply (descriped in "SCART Control Signals"), too? And where can I get the power-supply/connector?
Or where is the problem?

(I done all settings in Powerstrip as descriped.)

Thanks for your help! :)

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    Hi Nova,

    this guide is much better:

    There is no need for the power connector with this one, it is solved a different way. Anyway, afaik the cable should work without the "SCART Control Signals" wiring.

    To find the proper Powerstrip settings is really the most difficult thing. The given settings might not work with your TV. You can take a look into the PS forums to get other settings.

    Best way is also to have a second computer, to control the main computer via VNC. This lets you change the setting "on the fly". :)

    Your problem could be the "primary tilling". Search the page given above for detailed information.

    HTH, Flip


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    November 8, 2005

    oh this guide is nice, thanks! :)
    I hope it works. :)

    Must my TV support an important standard/specific?



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