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March 5, 2006
(MP 0.2 RC2)
got a problem using the OSD(stop,rewind,play...) while playing videos in fullscreen mode.
If you play the video in "original source format mode" everything is ok, you can click on the OSD buttons with your mouse.
But as soon as you change the video mode to "normal" or to "4:3 letterbox" or any other mode, you can't click on the buttons. If you like to click the OSD buttons you have to click below the osd buttons.

It seems that changing the "default zoom mode" does also change the OSD menu.
Can anyone help me to get the OSD working corectly?
Here are two screenshot of what I'm talking about:

A video in normal mode, the mousepointer is on the pause button, everything is ok:

A video in 4:3 letterbox mode, the mouse pointer is little below the OSD buttons to get a reaction from the button:

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