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February 2, 2005
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Improvement Suggestion: Custom Virtual Keyboard

Currently, in many plugins (including basic ones such as the built in "TV" plugin), where text input is required, a "Virtual Keyboard" appears on screen, which allow users to enter text from the remote control. The virtual keyboard is very usefull for Keyboardless systems, as it allows users to enter text in a search box, etc.

The VK currently supports English characters, digits, some symbols and accents.
However, characters in other languages (such as Hebrew) cannot be entered.
Since the keyboard layout is hardcoded in a CS file, users cannot custom the keyboard layout to add their own languages and symbols.

My suggestion:
* Make the virtual keyboard customizable, to allow localization.
* To avoid handling additional files, put the keyboard layout in the strings_XX.xml files (mediaportal's already existing translation files). This way, virtual keyboards can be localized as part of the MediaPortal translation, with no additional effort.
* Example for such configuration:
    <String id="1701">0123456789</String>
    <String id="1702">abcdefghi</String>
    <String id="1703">jklmnopqr</String>
    <String id="1704">stuvwxyz</String>
* Example QWERTY layout:
    <String id="1701">0123456789-=</String>
    <String id="1702">qwertyuiop[]</String>
    <String id="1703">asdfghjkl;'\</String>
    <String id="1704">zxcvbnm,./</String>
Please let me know what you think...


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  • January 3, 2008
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    As I know It's planned exactly in such way but not in the next release.

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