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January 11, 2009
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I have bought a new remote control to use in Media Portal. It is a Mediagate remote with IR receiver. It was advertized as vista only, but I presumed that it would work with xp. It seems that was incorrect.

After several days of pounding the forums and trying the solutions, I've come to the conclusion that a Vista-only IR receiver will not work with the eHome Driver or the MCE Replacement drivers discussed in the forums.

I am running Windows XP SP3. The eHome driver loads and the light flickers when I hit the remote but no message is passed. I have tried EventGhost and Intelliremote and I think the problem is with the driver for the receiver.

Can anyone suggest a solution for me?

tia, Jim


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  • December 12, 2008
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    I had the exact same problem when I initially installed MediaPortal on my XP system. I got some limited and unreliable functionality using the eHome drivers and with Intelliremote, but nothing that was worth the trouble. In the end I had no choice but to install Vista. The problem is that these "Vista-only" MCE remotes really are specifically designed to work with Vista only. You might be able to kludge together a workable solution, but you're going to save yourself a lot of time and trouble by either a) buying a different remote, or b) moving to Vista.

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