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Just a quickie that should be super-simple to implement: I would like to see an option to reverse the display order of channels within the zaposd display - currently, I look at a show I want to watch that's ABOVE where the bar is, and I somewhat instinctively press "Channel Up" to move to that option - but of course "Channel Up" moves the channel up to the next channel, which since it's counting upwards is BELOW where the bar is. Reversing the order of the sort would eliminate this unnecessary confusion entirely, since Channel Up would move the bar upwards in the list, and Channel Down would move it down in the list.


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    hehe, yeah. I second this. It is also confusing to me. :)

    Another nice feature would be: Change channel on "enter" when in ZAP-OSD.

    You may still set a delay for switching automatically. But it would be much more common and easier to use with say a timeout of 15 seconds and zapping on enter. At the moment you have to find a setting, which is fast enough not to annoy you and slow enough to read everything. ;)



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    I got around the up & down problem by reversing the 'next channel' and 'previous channel' keys for the Fullscreen TV under the Keys & Sounds section of MP's configuration.

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