Volume change issues in MyMusic (2.0.4 and 27 Sep SVN) (1 Viewer)


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August 10, 2006
MediaPortal Version: 27 Sep, SVN Build.

I use a USB Soundcard with AC3Filter to get "PCM as WAV" (allowing DTS over a USB soundcard). This works well, but I need the volume levels to be fixed at 100%.

Bug 1: Under the 2.0.4 build, the WAVE volume level drops to 50% when an MP3 is played. (I have written a app that corrects this each time, but not having to use it would be great). IE: Can we stop Media Portal reducing the WAVE volume each time MyMusic plays an MP3?

Bug 2: Under the latest SVN build (27 Sep, 2006) MyMusic STILL reduces the volume when a MP3 is played *BUT* it seems the developer has changed the way MyMusic alters the volume as it no longer reduces the SYSTEM volume to 50%. My guess is that MyMusic now changes the DirectSound volume allocated to MediaPortal, either way, can we stop MyMusic alterting the volume, maybe even having a tickbox to stop it making any changes to the volume at all?


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August 10, 2006
I do.

With the 2.0.4 version (Using Windows Media Player 9 setting) it sets the SYSTEM WAVE volume to 50% whenever an audio file is played in MyMusic, which is silly, it shouldn't touch the SYSTEM WAVE volume.

In the SVN (set to BASS and with the volume at 100% in the options) it still does "something" to the volume levels but NOT the SYSTEM volume levels as they're still at 100%. As I said my guess is that it's lowering its own DirectSound WAVE volume when an audio file is played.

Really there should be an option NOT to mess with the volume at all.

- Now that I think about it, was it intentional to remove "Windows Media Player" from the options for playback in MyMusic? I assumed BASS was another name for it, as it's not, are we able to get "Windows Media Player" back?

- So the main problem I'm having is that Windows Media Player reduces WAVE volume and BASS reduces DirectSound volume (as far as I can tell).


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June 20, 2005
For the SVN version, I *guess* (=not sure at all) this issue may be associated with the attemp of Steve to implement ReplayGain on playback.

Does your mp3 have replaygain values ?

Anyway, I would advise to wait for Steve answer.

In the meantime, to close your problem, just use Winamp as player engine with MP plug-in.


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August 10, 2006
No replay gain values.

It happened in 2.0 and 2.0.4, but that was to the "System WAVE" so it's not 'quite' as bad as I've written a utility that watches for changes to the "System WAVE" and resets it to maximum.

In the SVN it seems that it's now modifing the DirectSound volume for Media Portal meaning that my app can't detect it and change it back so when I then go to play a DVD the lack of full volume breaks the DTS stream.

Ideally MyMusic wouldn't touch ANY volume or would at least have a tick box "Do not allow MyMusic to alter volume settings".

Using WinAmp breaks visualisations and doesn't continue down the current directory if you just play a track from a directory, so that's not really a good option, but thanks. :)

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