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November 14, 2005
OK heres the thing, I run my media pc through my tv input for audio.

All works well but I still have to keep my tv remote handy for volume adjustment.

Heres why.
When I use my remote the volume control works but what I would like to do is keep the tv volume about 3/4 turned up since thats the loudest I listen to it @ and then control the rest with the mpc remote.

The only problem is that the increments are far to great, what i mean is that if I click the volume up button only 1 time from dead silence its already to loud to listen to @ night.

I have not yet counted how many clicks on the remote until full volume is applied but lets say its 20 clicks, id like to increase that to say 40.

This is going to be far more noticeable once I hook up the surround sound speaker system which will have a set 3/4 volume as well.

Hopefully someone has a trick for this either with the mpc software or through windows.

Thanks in advance


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    depends on your MP version.

    In latest versions you can set the volume behaviour / steps in:
    Setup->General->Volume Settings

    You an even set custom steps. ;)

    I use Logarithmic which suites quite well for me...

    HTH, Flip.


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    November 14, 2005
    gonna try Logarithmic now and maybe check out that custom option as well.

    thanks for the help on that one.

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