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  • December 28, 2004
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    first of all I'd like to thank everybody who put so much effort in mediaportal. I tried mythtv (debian) some time ago and it took about three months before I switched to WinXP and installed mediaportal. After some three hours I made as much progress as with mythtv in the preceding three months :D

    There is only one thing that IMHO could improve mediaportal: wakeup from shutdown via bios. I tried it with nvram-wakeup in mythtv and it worked very reliably. In addition, there are no problems with tv cards that are not compatible with hibernate or stand-by modes. Of course nvram-wakeup does not work with windows, but it seems that there is a windows port: CMOSTimer from boraxsoft (www.boraxsoft.de). Do you think that there is a chance to add a function to powerscheduler that would allow to pass the wakeup time to an external program (CMOSTimer requires the time in the following format: /wakeup= dd.mm.yyyy hh:mm)?


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