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Does this forum really need a hall of shame? What purpose does this really serve?

Instead of moving the topic/thread to its proper location, it gets tossed into a bin? A badly placed thread is just that, a misjudged placement of a topic, highly undeserving of "waste" treatment. Especially when its a legitimate question.

It comes off as pretentious as well.


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    1. The least people can do is post in the correct forum if they want help.
    2. Other people searching help can find all stuff in 1 place instead of spread all over the place.
    3. It was getting messy.

    I am not gonna do the job for the people not taking the small effort of posting in the correct forum.

    We really won't place post super fast in the bin, only the ones being really wrong.
    And I am sure there will be debatable posts but that will always be the case...

    We tried it the other way, but that really did not help.
    So now we do it this way.

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