Watch-Movies / Watch-Series?? Not working or am I missing something? (1 Viewer)


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March 28, 2009
Loving the plugin, it just rocks how much content there is on my media center.

I'm looking at the Watch-Movies channel and everything I try just returns a cannot find URL error.

Am I missing something here? Everything else is playing just great.


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March 28, 2009
Couldn't find much in the Mediaportal Log from Online videos but I attached the log.

Systems specs are...

MP 1.1.0
Win 7 Ultimate 32bit
FFDShow 09/2010

Core Duo @ 3.2 ghz
4.0gb ram
Realtek HD audio
Nvidia 9400 onboard
Hauppage HVR-1255


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  • April 26, 2008
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    You can fill out the system specs iin your User Control Panel of this Forum (so wie also know what skin and MePo version is used).
    The logfiles need to be collected right after a run that has failed playback inside (preferably multiple times meaning more than one clip).

    Edit: Logfilecollector from startmenu is no longer available, you have to get the files manually (error.log and MediaPortal.log).


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    December 15, 2008
    Finland Finland
    For me, watch-movies (might also be watch-series) stop working completely if I accidentally choose -ns file. After that all videos give error.


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  • September 27, 2009
    Netherlands Netherlands
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    For me, watch-movies (might also be watch-series) stop working completely if I accidentally choose -ns file. After that all videos give error.
    Currently I'm doing a rework of the watch-series util. With the current source I haven't been able to reproduce it, so I think it's going to be solved.


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    November 17, 2008
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Hi there,

    I have just enabled both of these sites (Watch Movies / Watch Series) and was wondering if I could have some help.

    When I click (Using my remote) on a series or movie I get the which version would you like to load screen appear. It then appears like

    site percetage and then ns so it might be
    megavideo 88% ns or megavideo 88%

    What does this all mean? Is the percentage there for how much of the film or series is there? Also what does the ns mean? I am all confused. :confused:

    If it helps I am using MP 1.1.1, SAF 4.00 Final, Xfactor, the latest Online Vids, XP MCE 2005

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