Watchdog crash report while trying to play a Blu-Ray in MP 1.3 (2 Viewers)


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December 28, 2013
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Hi. When I try to play a Blu-Ray using the latest MediaPortal version (1.3) it seems to work OK. The disc starts playing the videos prior to the menu. Then, when it comes to display the menu, MediaPortal crashes. I'm using Windows 7 on a fresh installation and with all the updates available applied to the system.

Windows shows a message complaining about Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3DX. I've got a basic Nvidia Geforce 210 card using the latest version of the driver -at least, the latest version that is automatically installed by Windows Update.

I am attaching a MediaPortal watchdog report to help the team to track the issue and take the appropriate actions for the next version of MediaPortal.



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