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September 8, 2005
1.Install Visual Studio 2003.NET (Be sure to install C#!)
2.Install the DirectX 9.0c SDK
3.get the sources (see above)
4.run mediaportal/setup/postsetup/register.bat
5.Start Visual Studio 2003.NET
6.choose File → Open Solution…
7.select mediaportal/MediaPortal.sln
8.select Build → configuration…
9.in the dropdown box select ‘Release’ configuration
10.select Close button
11.select Build → Rebuild solution…
12. Visual Studio. Choose File->New->Project from the menu(Class Library)
13.Copy the plugin from c:\Media Portal\ourplugin\bin\release\OurPlugin.dll to
C:\Media Portal\xbmc\bin\release\plugins\windows\OurPlugin.dll
14. Create a new file in notepad(xml file)
15. start mediaportal.exe

Even though we run Medialport.exe pile but plugein doesn't work out in window.we guess it doesn't have any access to XML pile.

Pls clearify the main reason for it.

my e-mail address : kwagyr@ubi-ware.com and kwagyr@hotmail.com


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  • April 23, 2004
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    Please dont double or triple post
    and please edit your subject as we dont know what u are talking about

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