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July 25, 2005
Hey All,

Looking for a good DVD authoring app. I got a cyberlink one with a video card (utter crap and slowww....). I've been experimenting with DVDlabPro trial version but my first compile didn't work so well (Does this software work?), but will keep working with it. I like the way this works - fast and relatively easy - if I could get it to work!

Some of the free tools aren't easy to use and I'm no puter geek so need some help. I don't mind spending some money if I need too.

Thx in advance.


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September 7, 2004

dvdlabpro is a very good and stable software. give it a try! i know authoring software like spruce maestro, scenarist and more but dvdlabpro offers professional functions and the price is very low.

the butcher


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July 25, 2005
Thanks for the reply,

I've continued with DVDLabPro and discovered it wasn't it that was causing my first compilation to fail, it was the player I was using (zoomplayer in this case, which surprised me as I've always had a lot of success with it). I switched to PowerDVD and the compiled DVD worked great. So I think I will keep investigating DVDlab. You're right, the price is acceptable :)


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April 28, 2005
Falls Church, VA
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i would give consideration to DVD Author by http://www.tmpg-inc.com/

they have a 30day demo.

i tried Nero's, Intervideo's (which was supposed to be good), Ulead's DVD software and i didnt like any of them for one reason or another. I tried DVDLab, but i couldnt get it to make a compliant DVD.

DVD Author was pretty straight forward, made easy menus including chapters and motion menus, compiled quickly (no re-encoding) and was stable. It doesnt provide as many options as DVDLab, but more than say intervideo. Plenty enuf for me.

the price is around $50 i think, but if you can find the DVD Easy pack, it combines an MPG encoder and an MPG editor for $80 or so.

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