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March 28, 2008
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=== Background ===
This is mostly a problem with my kids movies. Some of the movies I have as two different files, one in English (which my children do not understand) and one dubbed in Swedish.

In Moving Pictures I cant tell them apart, it just looks like I have two movies that are exacly the same.

First I tried with just writing extra info in in the title in Moving Picture configuration, e.g. added the word SWEDISH at the end of the title, and also in Genre. And I was happy, when I saw both films in the list, I immediately saw which was Swedish (as I could read it in the title)...

Then I discovered that many of my movies got Swedish titles from IMDB, so I wanted to update them with akas.imdb.com. As I have a lot of movies I happened to accidentally mark a lot of swedish dubbed films for children at this update.

It felt a little awkward to once again go through 1,000 films and enter "SWEDISH" in the title (and genre) of the about fifty kids movies, so I tried something new. All children's films that are in Swedish, has the word SWESUB or SWEDUB in the filename. So in C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\skin\Blue3wide\movingpictures.listview.xml I added:
		  <description>File info</description>
Now I CAN see which is Swedish, but Im not sure if I am happy with the result (it does not look so good with a very long file path). It was better before, so to the question...

=== Question ===
How would you show that some of the movie are in Swedish?
- Write in title?
- Show file info?
- Add Swedish to genre?
- Can I get the text automatically to the title/genre with som script that search for Swedish/Swesub in the filename?
- Something else?


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    AW: What is The best way to show special info about a movie?


    Why don't you just mux these films with both audio streams ie. in an mkv-Container. You can switch through the languages within the context-menu while the movie plays.
    Another advantage would be to just have one file per film and therefore you wouldn't waste your hdd-capacity with redundant video-streams.




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    You can also do it with the string #MovingPictures.SelectedMovie.language and set the language for the films in the Moving Pictures Configuration. Then you can even set Categories for the different languages I guess.


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    protonenpumpe: Sounds cool, but sounds difficult (have not even found out how to change audio track yet ;) ). Will google some :p
    Holzi: Good idea, if I go this road (now I have all IMDB info right, so I will not need to update all again), maybe I should put in the language there also. Will check if I find some scipt I can use (otherwise its only 50 movies, don't take THAT much time)...

    Maybe I can put the files in different folders and use that somehow :)


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    Muxing the film is not that hard. Just download the programm mkvmerge (it is included in the package mkvtoolnix I think). The two movies u wanna mux should only have the same framerate e.g. 25 then there is no problem with the sound.

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