What to use my 3.5" bay for? (1 Viewer)


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March 10, 2005
Since my HTPC is almost complete I'm now starting to wonder what to put into the front panal 3.5" bay. I would consider a memory card reader but I simply don't ever use memory cards so there really isnt a use for it. What I'd really like to put into it is a small LCD to display temps and song title and so on. Only problem is I can't seem to find one anywhere that is pre-made to do this sort of stuff. I could make one up myself but don't really trust myself to get the cuts right and end up with a unuseable cover for the hole.

So anyone got any ideas? Oh by the way I'm in Australia.


Well if your motherboard has an IrDA connector you can purchase an IrDA reciever that fits in the 3.5" drive bay. It recieves infrared remote commands and they come in beige or black. Only thing is that they are not compatible with girder or other programs that use Parallel, Serial, or USB connections.

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