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December 23, 2006
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I'm an MP newbie.

I installed MP along with my new pcHDTV 5500 card. I used this post to to get the config right.

I installed the zap2it plug in and config'd it. It found my lineup and the tuner scan seemed to work - found 99% of the channels with 100% signal strength.

When I start MP the green progress bar (beneath the screen) moves very slowly; fills up, clears and starts again. This has been going on for over 1 1/2 hours (see screen shot).

What's MP doing?


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    You have no video and i take it no audio.

    The green is the program time progress bar.

    Looks like your not tuned to any channels.

    Might be worth tagging onto the post for your TV card, where you got the info from, as much more likely to get help from people with the same card, especially if it is showing up in MP config.

    Might be worth a retune though so go to MP setup\TV\capture card\edit and autotune.

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