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July 24, 2005
Paris France
do you think it will be possible to have a "working" version of media portal ?
I mean a solid version for tnt. (Even with less gadgets/plugins around)
Months after my last try with a version not working at all, I just downloaded the last cvs for a try. Resize is still buggy and crashes. Changing a channel is fast enough now, but soon after, a message: "no signal", i tried to go back in a time shift: crash, 100% cpu, no Mp window anymore... All that in 10 minutes.
It gives the feeling that , version after version, it is going worse and worse.
I give-it up ! You know, i just wanted a program to watch tv, not to play with ctrl/alt/Shift 25 time/sec instead.
(So sorry)


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  • January 14, 2005
    Some people seem to have all the problems. I really don't understand this becuase most of us are running MP without really any problems. We all need to remember that MP is still in very early beta. For some people, using a comerical product might be the best bet. For me, it's all FUN. I enjoy installing patches, seeing things being fixed, testing for the team. Some other people might not have the time to do this.


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    July 2, 2005
    Edmonton, AB
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    I really don't understand why people have so many problems either. I've been running at about 90%-95% reliability for quite some time now.

    Part of me thinks a lot of it has to do with people using SW TV cards, and not bothering enough to read up on the steps they'll have to take to use them.


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  • May 6, 2005
    Best advice I can give is stay clear of Pinnacle cards/boxes.

    For my HTPC I use a 150MCE. However, at work we had two cheap USB TV boxes that came with Media PCs free. One was a Pinnacle 100e (new in box still plastic wrapped) the other was a AVerTV USB 2.0 Plus

    Both are software encoders, but I thought I would give it a try on my development laptop (for a bit of fun).

    So the AVer worked almost without problem. All I had to do was update the software from the net send dman some info and it was up and running.

    The Pinnacle still doesn't work. The software it came with is very old. They make you buy the latest software !! The only free thing that Pinnacle provide is some software patches. I've applied them all 2.01-> 2.02 -> 2.10a -> 2.11 (you have to do all the steps .. no new full program).

    The funnest thing is when I looked up the price of these things they cost the same as a 150MCE. The Hauppauge USB PVR costs a little more. So the question is why would anyone give good money out for these things!?



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    January 31, 2005
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    Chalk me up as another person who is happily useing Media Portal. The wife even made the comment yesterday that I haven't "messed with Media Portal" in a while. The last CVS I applied was from Feb 2 and haven't brought down the HTPC since then. Not a big music listner through the TV so recent fixes don't really apply to me.

    A big THANK YOU to the developers!


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  • August 7, 2005
    Cardiff, UK
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    Personally, I've been having a load of grief with the latest CVS versions. While watching TV, MP would hang or just quit, and nothing in the logs gave (me) any clue.

    I uninstalled MP, upgraded my tuner card drivers, reinstalled RC2 and only one card, and so far it's been totally stable. I may soon try to add my second tuner card and maybe then update to the latest CVS, but it's always difficult to know whether the problem is with my system or with MP.

    I was starting to think that part of the problem was actually a too strong signal from my aerial (one aerial going into a booster split off to 2, then one of those split to 2 for the two tuners in my main machine). Looks like it wasn't the case, as I've put an extra computer in the loop and an additional booster and things seem better.

    Anyway, MP is the best overall home media solution (I haven't really tried MCE) that I have found. Sure, it crashes once in a while, but what software doesn't?

    Keep going guys, and if I can give you some useful feedback, then I will.

    Best wishes,



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    August 3, 2005
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    Hi all,

    I think MP must work for everybody. At least for those with standard configurations and for those that are using components that are listed as compatible.

    I am using MP for half a year now and still looking for a version without major bugs. Currently I am having blue screens from time to time, I can not switch to my STB with timeshift on and often I have no picture at all even after fresh start.

    Unfortunately I did replace the old equipment too early. Today we have only MP and my family hates it. They ask me how long I want to try and try. We DO NOT want pictures, music, trailers, browsers, mails and whatsoever in MP. We only want: TV, recording and timeshift. That's all.

    Don't misunderstand me - I do not want to complain. It is my free decision to stay with MP or to go and I know that it's beta. So I stay and wait for a suitable version for me.

    But I want to support esperado when he says "I only want to watch TV". I think this portion must be ROCK SOLID. So in my opinion all effort must go into TV before releasing 0.2.

    And it is not true as ASiDiE said that the most of us are having no problems. Look in the forum how much bugs and problems are reported every day.

    my2Euros ...


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    January 29, 2006
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    With the latest CVS versions and Blue two(too?) for the skin I'm only running into minor bugs. I'm seeing user interface issues like pause not working for My Videos and it not remembering if I was viewing with list or icons but other than that it's pretty stable. I think the worst problem I'm having is that it becomes unresponsive for a little while every now and then. I think a lot of this stuff will get fixed before the .2 release.


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  • February 23, 2005
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    wewe said:
    Currently I am having blue screens from time to time, I can not switch to my STB with timeshift on and often I have no picture at all even after fresh start.
    That surprises me... :eek:

    I have been using MediaPortal for nearly a year now, and I have to say that over that past couple of months, it has become "rock-solid" for me. I hope I don't speak too soon, but I don't get any BSODs or hangs or any instability behavior. It performs wonderfully and is now our main (our only) source of TV, DVD, videos, photos and music.... :D

    Admittedly, I run mediaPortal on a dedicated PC and there is nothing else installed that is not essential to MediaPortal. Maybe that is why my MediaPortal experience is so good?

    And I have to give my compliments to all the developers - this is a wonderful application already and I cannot image what it will be like when it is mature....

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