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May 20, 2008
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Got it!!!!


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May 20, 2008
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Yes, it is a mess. I have read here, that since everyone has different systems they can't be specific and then just point you to something to read that does exectly what they do. Not answer the specific question and your left trying to figure out where a .dll goes where the driver goes ECT...
If they would at least put a note, in the download (for non-geeks) as to where to put the (drivers or .dll or whatever) that would save us non-geeks many many hours of not getting anywhere and posting the same questions over and over.

Copy and paste the link below to get to the site and then download the 4th one down ( the MyFilms v4.5 in bold below).
MEDIAPORTAL - free MediaCenter HTPC Software - Video/Movies

My Films v4.5 (for SVN based on 0.2.3)

This is the one I downloaded and it works.
I am using a Dell Inspiron 5100 with Windows XP Home Edition 2001 Service Pack3.

I have AMC/MyFilms/MediaPortal up and running except, I cannot get the New Microsoft Media Center PC Remote Control and Receiver I just bought to work.
1. No one seems to want to tell me (which one or ones and where) are the correct driver or drivers (for the Remote Control) I need for XP Home Edition2001.
2. Where do the drivers go?
3. What .dlls do I need and where do they go?
4. How do I get the Remote Control to learn the commands since it does not work out of the box. (I just wanted to use the generic commands that I thought, are already in the Remote Control).
There are 2-3 step by steps websites (2 Vista and 1 XP) that I have tried, but they do not work on my simple system.
I have spent two and a half days (I am semi-retired) about 20 hours just trying to get the Remote Control which is connected by the USB connector to the laptop, from the laptop to the TV set, using a S-Video cable (very simple hookup). The light blinks on the Receiver when I hit the volume or channel buttons on the Remote Control (or any buttons for that matter) but nothing happens.

If anyone from MediaPortal is reading this, I have spent so much time setting up something simple (because after I have gotten AMC/myFilms/MediaPortal to work. It is simple, it just took about a week or more to find out where everything is and goes. Your documentation is a nightmare for non-geeks.
I wanted to use and support someone else, not Microsoft.
But at this point I am about 2-3 days away from reformating the drive to get rid of everything and just getting (Windows XP MCE 2005).

This reminds me of a book I read about Bill Gates that said, as he watched the (programmers) of Digital Electronics Corporation, Silicon Graphic Inc., IBM and the others Corps, Argue and by keeping their software and hardware proprietery they make it hard if not impossible for people in Universities and elsewhere around the world who used their products to get their work done.

This is how I feel now, why should I waste more of my time trying to setup a system using these peoples software, (since it is not plug and play) if they will not at least put a non-geek note file in with their plugins or whatever telling us where to put (in the computer) the .dll or driver or?

AMC/MyFims/MediaPortal There is a whole other group of people out here, (non-geeks) who would Donate, but just want to get there system up and running and watch stuff.

You ask for Donations, I Really DO want to Donate. But not if I cannot get the WHOLE package to work.
You may say, we have nothing to do with AMC or MyFilms or whatever, but do you? I would say YES you do!!!!
One compliments the other. Instead of segregating each other (as I have been told in the forums, "we have nothing to do with that software, you will have to go to their forum and ask your question there) you should be talking to each other so you can GROW your non-geek money paying userbase.:D
If in your opinion there are to many software choices out there and you do not want to offend any programmers, remember this is for us non-geeks, who will donate. So pick out a group of softwares that work with and compliment your software.
Make it HARD for us to want to look at other products.

SO, Ant Movie Catalog works by itself, Big Deal!
So, There's a plugin called MyFilms, Big Deal!
So, MediaPortal loads in fine, Big Deal!
So, there's Remote Controls, Big Deal!
So far it's taken (because I am a non-geek and because of lack of needed non-geek documentation) 2-3 weeks and my simple system is still not working.

I have a New, Microsoft Media Center PC Remote Control And Receiver. I am getting closer to just going with MCE 2005 and be done with this.

I thought that this would have been fun. :sorry:


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February 1, 2007
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Hi surfer

It is true there is a bit of a learning curve associated with Media Portal but it is getting there :)

I understand your frustrations especially if you just want a working system and dont see it as a hobby.

Hopefully this will help you a little bit to setup your remote. Im running XP and not MCE so cant be sure its the same but it probably is. Firstly you dont need any drivers to get the MCE remote to work. You can check this is true by adjusting the volume control (while in windows not Media Portal). If your system volume changes then the remote is working - If it does not then you have a problem that is not related to Media Portal.

Next try IR server suite (by and-81) this will enable you to get your remote to work fully in Media portal including blasting commands to a set top box, learning codes from other remotes and loads of other cool stuff such as running macros from a single button press of the remote. I think its awsome - it did take me a bit of playing to get it fully working but it povides so much flexibility its well worth it.

the best place to start is here


have a play and see how you get on - if you get stuck i will do my best to talk you through it (in a non techie way)

I am no expert but i have managed to get it working a treat on my system and hopefully we can do the same for you




If discussing remotes further its probably better we use a new thread rather than pull this one off topic :)

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