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February 10, 2009
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specs in my sig, but probably notable is that the most recent nvidia 6150 (onboard) driver crashes mediaportal on launch and forces a spontaneous reboot :(

okay, so i rollback to the default, and all seems well in most every aspect..... barring one ! :mad:

when i click on "video" in the widescreen launch interface, the icons recede and then without any other activity they go back to default size and the focus appears to be on "music" instead, without any sign of videos; no launch, no error, no nothing, especially no video

in the scrolling alternative interface, i don't even get video as an option, except in the settings option... it doesn't appear to have been included

i presume there is a simple answer, but codecs are new and unknown to me - i initially installed the suggestions in the "how-to", but more recently in desperation installed the full k-lite codec pack

all to no avail

this would be less frustrating if the whole setup hadn't previously worked fairly painlessly on my older htpc (dual core 939), and also hadn't briefly worked with power dvd co-installed with a few peculiarities on the very rig i am trying to configure (again) now

i had to delete power dvd because it insisted on auto launching on every boot up, regardless of configuration in its own setup, or even telling it to desist in the startup using ccleaner for leverage

fwiw, this is a brand new clean build, under winxp home sp3 fully up to date (except the aforementioned nvidia driver)

so, that's my dilemma in a nutshell

wtf am i doing (or indeed, not doing) to cause this problem ?

or better still, how do i fix it... simply would be great, but i can follow complex instructions

thx in anticipation of assistance, and as an aside, mediaportal rocks ! :D (the bits that i can access anyway)

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