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  • April 20, 2006
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    Hi! I am going to build a HTPC from the ground of, and I am starting with the case. I am concidering the two mentioned in the title:

    Antec Fusion Remote
    MSI Media Live

    As far as I can see, both have an integrated LCD display, IR sensor and remote control. MSI also have music control buttons (play/pause/next etc), and Antec does have a volume knob. This seems good - but it's important that they work as they should:
    • Remote: Good buttons, good range, build quality
    • LCD: Good and readable characters
    • All: Compatible with different software (probably Media Portal, but should also support others)
    • All: Not dependent on ugly bloatware
    • Buttons/volume knob should also work.
    • Good support software/drivers

    Can anyone give me pointers about the quality of the different cases regarding these points?

    I also appreciate feedback about the two cases regarding other aspects related to HTPC (build quality, noise, compability, etc etc)


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    October 10, 2008
    I have recently built an HTPC based on an Antec Fusion V2 (Silver) case with a VFD/sensor.
    Quite honestly, and I think you'll find this is generally accepted, the VFD is a piece of s**t.
    I have now taken the VFD out of the equation and replaced it with a Microsoft IR/Remote.
    The V2 (Black) has an LCD instead of a VFD.

    I know the Antec Fusion now comes with a remote but dont know how successful this is.

    Bascially, the Fusion is really good but if I was staring out now with what I have learnt from various forums
    I would probably go for a Zalman.

    If you want advice about HTPCs your best bet is to take a look at

    Theydons HTPC and PC upgrade Project - Page 34 - AVForums.com

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