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Which feature is most important?

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Keep in mind I don't necessarily know how to code all of these features yet, but if I have an idea of which is most important to the users then I can focus my efforts on a specific one.

1) IMDb/TVRage Information
Requires some HTML scrapping or possibly using a pre-existing API for the sites.

I wonder how needed this feature is now that I have the NFO and additional information if your using Newzbin, which is the only one that provides these links in its RSS anyway.

2) SABnzbd information on Basic Home
Requires the help of skin developers to change there basic home setup's.

I had this requested but I don't really want the skin developers to have to change there skin to accommodate my plug-in so I haven't put much effort into this one yet.

3) NZB Streaming
Requires ... magic?

I really have no clue how to do this properly. I have a feeling it would require co-operation of the usenet grabber so that it grabs the rar's in the correct order. Then it would require MP to read a incomplete file which I don't think it can do. There is a lot of unknown's in making this work.

4) Recommended Searches
Requires finding some good RSS feeds and adding them. Maybe more for custom recommendations.

I thought of this feature the other day. After you press search in the plug-in it could give an option called "Recommended" and inside it is a list of several sites (Blockbuster, Netflix, etc.) with Top 100, New releases, etc.

I think this would be cool when you wanna search but don't know what for and browsing a feed just isn't cutting it. Also if I could figure it out I would like it so it shows your Moving Pictures database and searches for similar movies to it.

Note: This has been added as of 1.4, if you want sites that aren't on there currently then you can post those sites with there RSS feeds on here.

I am sure I am missing something and if I am please mention it and I will add it to the poll and maybe even to the plug-in.

Note: I don't appear to have the ability to add poll options once its posted. I have notified someone and #4 should be added soon.

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