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November 27, 2007
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Hello all...

first sorry about English.
I use Moving Pictures along time and for my sadness the developers of this brilliant plug-in never include a search function.
I know there are some ways to search movies like remote control filter with number keys or press shift key while typing the name of the film but I´d like to see old fashion search box like the MyFilms plug-in. (See the snapshots below)

There is a chance to create a search box function on Moving Pictures?

who would like to see a search function in Moving Pictures? I bet innumerable of users want this.
If i can create a poll with this question, innumerable users vote for a yes! If you want too see this function reply this post with a YES!

Developers, please think about... :)



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  • March 10, 2006
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    No poll function is needed, because that is already taken care of by the amount of people who sign up for Google Code and 'starred' the following issue: Issue 410 - moving-pictures - Add search function (new interface for remote filtering) - Project Hosting on Google Code

    So far only 15 people did so, so the issue is scheduled for MovingPictures v2.0 because other issues have a higher popularity and not enough people are currently interested. Forum is nice, but the Google Code is the actual place that the development occurs.


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    November 27, 2007
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    Hi again!

    I dont give up for the search option on MP
    Serious, how difficult is make a search option?

    I´ve more than 600 movies.


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