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January 18, 2009
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OK I've run in to just about every conceivable problem building my HTPC, first of all my case has some random design feature that means that the CD drive has to be inserted from the front, then i made the mistake of using tinyXP, which is so stripped down that the drivers for my tv card wouldn't work, then my mouse stopped working, then I installed a full version of XP, and couldn't get my wireless working, and now this!

my problem is that mediaportal cannot find most of the BBC channels, I've tried all the different regions that apply to where i am in the UK and it still can't find them, but it finds everything else! I know for a fact that the signal is strong enough to receive the channels (the channels in question are BBC1, 2, and 3) because if i plug my antenna into the TV directly and scan they come up, but warn that signal quality for them is average, not good.

So the way i see it there must be a solution for this, and there's a number of factors that could be affecting my card's ability to receive a valid signal (it's a compro videomate DVB-T t200 for the record)

1. is there a way of inputting the frequencies for a specific channel, for example in a config txt file or xml file?
2. is there a way of lowering the threshold at which mediaportal decides whether or not a frequency is carrying a signal
3. will a different coaxial cable make any difference? I'm already using a pretty high end one, gold plated etc
4. can a "signal amplifier" or similar help me here?

hope someone can help, looking forward to a reply :)

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