Why 'Everything else is just a media center"


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  • November 26, 2006
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    You may have noticed we are using our new slogan 'Everything else is just a media center' more often. The idea of this slogan was to inspire curiosity - 'What do they mean?' ''What can MediaPortal do better than other media centers?' 'What can MediaPortal do that other media centers can't?''

    So here you may post anything you think is unique or special about MP. It does not have to be the most advanced feature in the world, it can be a simple, creative way you use MP. Basically, feel free to brag about how you use MP!!! :D

    We would like to follow up interesting posts with more details in a Blog on our website, or Guides in our Wiki as well. Or, if you would like to write a Blog yourself that provides more in depth info, just ask for ask for assistance in your post.

    Hopefully this thread will give prospective new users a better idea of what you can do with MP and how!



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  • December 17, 2006
    When I know beforehand that some of my geek friends are coming over, I will make sure that ipimp is started on the HTPC and that I can wireless connect to it via my Nokia N8. Big music playlist, lots of artist fanart loaded.

    When we then gather on the patio for a "braai", I can impress them by controlling the music from my phone. Always a winner and big thanks for everyone involved in making it possible :D


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  • August 5, 2006
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    Here's my post from Lyfesaver's PR thread:
    I'm using eventTrigger or Tellstick Pause with hardware from Telldus and Nexa. When playing a movie in MediaPortal, all lights in the room will automatically turn off. I've also connected my Android phone to the HTPC using EventGhost for Android. If I'm watching a movie or live TV and there's an incoming call, the video will automatically pause, lights turn on and the caller ID is shown by On Screen Display. When I hang up, the lights go off and the video starts playing again without me having to touch any other keys. I'd like to see any other media center do that :)
    I'm working on a detailed guide and will post a link here when it's finished.


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  • September 18, 2006
    Because it's a windows app?!
    Was in a linux course last year and of course the trainer was a real hard-core linux fan, on of those 'everything else/MS sucks' people.

    He had a HTPC and guess what he was running.... MCE!!!


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  • December 25, 2009
    How about the easy codec management for audio and video. It is quite easy to change codecs and add postprocessing filters.


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  • August 30, 2006
    The slogan immediately makes me think, "uh, ok, so what's a Media >Portal< as opposed to a media >center<?"

    A Portal, in IT terms, to me means it's a front-end gateway to other information. So that leads to the question, "What's the differentiation between MCE (etc.) and MP?", which is

    - access to global information - news, weather, sports reports, forums
    - connect to people through 2-way social networking (not just passively reading, for instance) - send/receive phone calls, send/receive tweets, etc.
    - share your tv, movie, and music interests with a greater community (trakt.tv, Scrobbling, etc.)
    - play games (I have Hyperspin configured as a menu item but there's My Emulators as well)
    - review what's on in the cinemas/theatres in your neighborhood
    - view your movie collection and preview trailers and actor information
    - watch web video and shows from around the world (youtube, hell, even porn)
    - view your TV collection PROPERLY (my pet peeve - media centers that consider movies, TV shows, and home videos are all simply "VIDEO". ARGGFRICKIN ARGH


    (And one day, fingers crossed, we'll finally be able to browse trailers, tag them, and queues them up in a list ready for other applications to use for later retrieval)

    I will add one caveat, though. Everyone that's ever seen my MP setup and decides they want it in their home has no idea how much work is involved in the setup and upkeep. MP is still very much the domain of the techies. Sure, you can simply run the basic MP with the default skin and one or two built-in functions, but nobody wants that. They want the full experience. And that takes a LOT of understanding of computers.
    So I'm not really keen on promoting MP to anyone any more - it just disappoints them when they discover what's involved behind the scenes.
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