why isn't "localhost" a valid server name? (1 Viewer)


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May 17, 2009
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Why isn't "localhost" a valid TV server name?

i had a real bad experience earlier with TV server...
TV Server was set to use an i.p. that I had been using from a DHCP server.
But the i.p. hadn't changed in so long that I didn't notice.
Well the i.p. from the DHCP server changed and so TV server wouldn't start.
MediaPortal kept saying I had "no free card" to use to watch tv.
An hour later, I had to finally go into MySQL config and change the i.p. of the tv server to use the new i.p. address.

Since the TVServer and MediaPortal are on the same machine, using "localhost" as the tvserver would always use whatever i.p. my computer has.



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March 17, 2008
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Hey citizenkeys,

I do not know why, because that's a question you should ask a dev but I can comeup with 2 solutions for you;

1) Use (internal loopback IP, same as localhost)
2) Use a static IP address for your (TV)server.

Me personally would go with option 2. A server should have a static IP, DHCP is just for users who don't know anything about networks or just for convenience (like when devices get connected constantly to the LAN).
A server should just have a proper setup and be left alone. A part of that is having a static IP.


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    Or give MP the name of the PC instead of the IP.

    For example my old Mediaportal box was called MPServer, thats what the MP front end connected to. Now it is TheCulture :)

    Another option, and this is also recomended, is to have your router statically asign a specific IP through DHCP. Basically whenever a specific MAC address requests an IP it always gets the same one.

    makes trouble shooting much easier, and still allows you the easy of setup and flexability that DHCP gives you.


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    May 17, 2009
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    when i put in a computer name, tv-config automatically changes the computer name name to an i.p. works.

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