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April 1, 2008
Hi all,
I have a x-fi xtreme music connected to logitech x540 5.1 speakers. I have some dts cd images which I would like to play but have no knowledge around all of this. The dts images play in kmplayer and sound fantastic. I have configured the plugin according to the second post in this thread https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/asio-music-player-245/need-info-how-use-plugin-46436/ and checked the mediaportal log but could not see mention of the plugin. I am very noob at any audio stuff as have spent most of my life partially deaf (much better now due to operation). As my hearing is better I am rediscovering lots of music in great quality. A walkthrough would be really appreciated.
many thanks


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    Since i get this question more often, i will put an installation walkthrough onhere with the next update.

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