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  • October 15, 2008
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    Any one got sound working on Windows 7 ??
    im using Intel High Def HDMI Audio, my audio gets out via HDMI and my setup is
    SAF 3.40 and i use AC3Filter to set S/PDIF passtrough...

    Out site MP all works, sounds is good.
    inside MP sound STUTTERS, like braks up real fast, video fine..
    Seems to be Mkv and AVI's.. Some DVD's

    Any one god no sound problems? what codex are you using ??

    (yes yes i know win 7 is not support bla bla.. im asking peps that also run it)


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    April 11, 2008
    Use graphedit to make sure AC3 filter is actually being used. I have not been able to have it actually work even when selected when SAF 3.40 is installed. Another way to test this is to disable the MPA filter included with SAF 3.40. This can be done with the regsvr32 command. Go to the windows\system32 or syswow folder if using x64 and type:

    regsvr32 -u

    Then make sure AC3 filter is selected in MP and give it a try. This method fixed stuttering sound for me. The only issue is you will need some kind of audio decoder for the other formats. I installed ffdshow and unchecked all of the video associations and just use it for audio. This is an interim solution but the only one that currently works for me.

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