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May 16, 2009
Problem: Some buttons doesn't work
Solution: Go to the bottom of the post or if you wanna read all, start here.


First of all, I am from Brazil and my English sucks :)

So, hello everybody, i am new here and i have some questions or problems with this control and the ir suite.
I never has used this program and i brought the control yesterday :p

I got the control yesterday, so i have installed it and i have tested all the keys, everything works fine.
Now i was looking for a solution to WMC play MKV, btw i see it's going to nowhere (lags sometimes, etc...) (don't matter).

So i decided to remap all my control to another programs, so i am here, searching at google and i found the IR Suite.

Now, I got a little problem. (Version

When i use my control in the debugclient, they receive the signal of some buttons, btw the numeric buttons they don't recognize and some other keys like the "green button" (windows media center).
I have found a way to make more buttons work, i got to the inputservice and changed some settings, i have checked the "Disable Windows Media Center services" and now some other buttons works fine like the (WMC).
So, my problem is now with the numeric buttons, the debug don't receive the signal.
My control light up the "PC" and my receiver light up the red light too. (working fine)

I see here this software is compatible with XP/Vista, not a problem, 7 is based on vista, i think this is not my problem.

I don't know if this is caused by my OS or i don't know how to configure the software, etc...
Someone can give a hand? ^^

The another keys i have mapped and it's working very well.


PS: I have made that tweak at the registry to disable the service, so if i press any key nothing happens, just the IR Suite responds to it.



Well i got it working for now :)

1. Delete all the things you have installed.
2. Revert your system to the default.
3. Go to the regedit, delete that four values, restart. (
4. Now your computer should not respond to the control.
5. Install the IR Suite 1.4.1 or 1.4.2 (read down for more details)
6. Go to input service, check "disable windows media center".
7. Now open the debug client, connect, learn ir, and test all your keys! ALL WORKS :)
8. Be happy and remap your control at the IR Suite.



The new version works very well too, just have a little trick to make it works.

Same steps as above, between just one more step.

In the "Input Service" -> "Microsoft MCE".
In the tab "Remote" select the option "disable automatic buttons" and voilá!

All the buttons of your control should work anywhere, anytime.

I hope this can help some one...
I spend some hours trying figure it out :)



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    i have that same remote in windows 7 x64 and didnt have to do strange things. just install IR server suite and make sure mce remote is not selected in mp configuration.

    oh and disable windows mediacenter.

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