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Paranoid Delusion

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  • June 13, 2005
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Getting really fed up with this now.

    Have gone through the rigmorole of passing Windows authentification, christ knows how many times, since upgrading my PC.

    Just installed latest Nvidia driver, and it wants me too reregister windows over the telephone, yet again, saying major hardware changes have taken place.:eek:

    As this is the only Hardware\driver change made since first activating XP pro, now starting to get on my t**s.

    Am I the only one, and is there a workaround. (Nothing illegal just want my Bought and paid for copy of XP to stop P***ing me off).



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    August 13, 2005
    Afghanistan Afghanistan
    I once disabled a few things in the BIOS (built in networking, USB legacy support, stuff like that) on my HTPC and the same thing happened to me. And then they make it so you can't register on the internet and you need to ring them at 3 in the morning. At least they are open 24 hours, I guess. Reading out a string of alphanumerical junk over the phone is always fun though.

    Paranoid Delusion

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  • June 13, 2005
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    The point i'm trying to make is fine MS is worried about Piracy, but because of the New build pc, had already "done the phone thing after installing my hardware".

    So after 2 weeks, updating my graphics driver, it is a bit extreme to say you need to contact MS customer service yet again.

    Calmed down now, but still annoying, taking any form of DRM to extremes.


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  • November 23, 2004
    Germany Germany
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    Have you tried "XP-AntiSpy" -> RegDone ?
    Or "XSetup-Pro" ->"SetActivationDone"



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    January 23, 2006
    England England
    After going through a similar situation recently, and a growing dissatisfaction with XP for my main machine, I hosed XP on it and installed ubuntu, only thing I can't do is convert avi to rmvb, but then I can't be bothered to install WINE. MP is still on my HTPC and consequently I'll still have one machine running XP.


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    October 6, 2006
    Canada Canada
    XP will be patched in 2008 by MS to disable activation, so you have that to look forward to at least! (if they stick by their words)


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    May 13, 2005
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    Netherlands Netherlands
    I've read just reasently that the activation fades over time. What means that the chances that you have to reactivate windows lowers over time. It's a system with points like the demerit points for the drivers license in some country's if you loose your license and you get it back you will be low on point and eassily loose your license again. Same after activation your low on points at that time.

    Some good reading on this:


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  • February 16, 2005
    If you can obtain a corporate license then you never have to activate ;-)

    Just need to work for a large company...


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  • August 4, 2005
    Denmark Denmark
    I just had to happen to me on my Windows Server 2003 developer machine. Updated the chipset drivers and was rewarded with having to phone Microsoft, enter ALOT of numbers, only to be harrased by alot of questions about how many copies i had installed, followed by entering even more number back on the PC.

    Luckily it(the phone-bot) asked me if i wanted to participate in a survey regarding this process and i had the chance to voice my frustration :)

    Previously i also had this happen on an XP machine after installing a network card, pretty frustrating overall.

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