Windows Home Server (WHS), LightsOut and For The Record (FTR) (1 Viewer)



**** 2012-Jan-15 Update

- Check the project homepage for latest updates:

**** 2010-Aug-06 Update
- Version 1.0.2

New features:
- Update of tasklist now based on For The Record events - increases efficiency
- Check for .NET version on install

- Sometimes GUI crashes when called first time after WHS console start -- FIXED
- Sometimes double entries in tasklist -- FIXED
- Service status reporting in log file incorrect -- FIXED


please see here for a tool that integrates FTR schedules with LightsOut on WHS.

Thanks to Grisu002 for testing the release throughout finalization.



AW: Windows Home Server (WHS), LightsOut and For The Record (FTR)

Indeed, BN = Bonn. Funny how the world wide web connects people that live just 20km apart....




AW: Windows Home Server (WHS), LightsOut and For The Record (FTR)

Beta version available, see post #1.


AW: Windows Home Server (WHS), LightsOut and For The Record (FTR)

Release version is now available, see first port.


AW: Windows Home Server (WHS), LightsOut and For The Record (FTR)

Version 1.0.2 available, see first post.


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