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February 3, 2006
Sydney, Australia

I'm pretty new to this so not sure whether this is a feature or bug. Some background...I have been running the 0.2RC2 with cvs build from 4 Jan for a few weeks and enjoying it. I'm mainly using My Music as I have a DigiTV card that doesn't work that well with BDA drivers. I'm also using the iTunes player as a lot of my music is iTunes purchased.

This morning I updated to the 3 Feb cvs build to take advantage of the Now Playing screen (which I don't think was there previously). On a quick play I've noticed two things that are different;

1. The Windows Screensaver kicks in after its alloted time (5 mins) when MP is in full screen. This didn't happen before. IS this meant to happen?
2. I use the remote that comes with the TV card to control MP. Sometimes MP loses focus and to get the focus back I use the key on the remote that's mapped to starting up MP. Previously this just gave MP back the focus but with the new build it starts up another instance of MP. AGain is this meant to happen?

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