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August 30, 2004
Plugin Name:WinLIRC Reciever
Current Version/State:, Currently beta testing.
Works with Media Portal Version: -
Install Instructions : Copy the file to the plugins/process.
Download :

You must download a new version of the plugin for 0.1.0+

Please see the Wiki for more information on the WinLIRC Plugin

To Do:
  • Beta test
  • Improve Key Listing
  • Read XML only once
  • Check for which window has focus
  • Add programmable keys

  • {SPACE} is not mapped properly
  • Reciever will crash media portal if it can't make socket connection (ie if WinLIRC isn't running)

Because it runs without a GUI, you currently (as of have to copy to the plugins/windows

If anyone wants to beta test this for me please feel free and post all the things I did wrong here :D .

Sorry about having to copy the plugin to two places, the plugins/windows directory allows you to configure the plugin, the plugins/process allows you to run it at MediaPortal startup.

You have to have WinLIRC configured for your remote before you can start using this plugin.





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September 12, 2004
Frankfurt, Germany
Hi jadz,

first of all I would like to thank you for providing this plugin this is just what I had been waiting for!!. I have been using Winlirc for quite some time now and I think with this plugin MP now has another important feature.

I use a One For All "Kameleon" 6in1 remote that I have programmed with a code that gives me all the butons I need for MP. I had previously used this setup for the German version of Meedio "TVCentral" but since the product did not live up to my expectations I looked around some more and found MP :) :) that I find very good with a lot of potential...

As you have probably guessed I have run into some probs:

1) It seems to hang MP with 100% CPU load when I use the remote to access some menu points that require Internet downloads. I have seen this behaviour on the weather module especially when I try to get the sat pic or change the city. It also happens when I try to open the News module. If I use th KB to perform the same actions it works. Then if I perform the same action with the remote it also works since the sat pic for example will already be in the cache I guess.

2) The Space bar command (pause) does not work in the Music or Video module. When I press the corresponding key on the remote nothing happens and I loose control over MP through the remote. KB will still work ok. to re-gain remote control I have to re-start MP.

3) Some functions do not work on the remote while they work on the KB: "R" for rotating images, "Y" for adding to the playlist, "X" for OSD controls if I try to use these nothing happens but I can still use all other keys. The "s" key for changing aspect ratio works fine though. I have verified that these keys have been assigned with the test function you provide.

4) The control of MP through the remote seems to be tied to the focus of the app. When I bring e.g. task manager to the front I can control it with the remote instead.


a) I think that the buttons "learn" and "test" in the plug-in config setion should be mutually exclusive. I have often forgotten to switch off "test" before re-learning a new function.

b) an extra column that shows the winlirc code currently assigned to a function would be helpful because I could then see what buttons are already asigned without using the test function. Also see below


Is it really necessary to assign a speciffic code more than once? e.g. the Y has many functions but I figure that if it has been assigned to one of them it will also automatically work for the others. If this is the case I would group the functions differently:

column 1 = blank if no code has been assigned otherwise show the assigned winlirc code e.g. "Sony REW"

column 2 = Key on the KB

column 3 = function for general

column 3+n = function for module n

n = 1....x where x is the number of plugins/modules installed

That's it for now again thanks for all the hard work I'll be happy to test a new version...




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August 30, 2004
Thanks for the great feedback.

Unfortunately you are very correct in pointing out that Media Portal has to have focus for the plugin to work. All the plugin is doing is receiving a message from WinLIRC and then mapping it to a keypress (so you should be able to open notepad and send your keystrokes to it if you wanted), you can see a the thread "How do you send commands to Media Portal?".

This obviously causes problems any time that MediaPortal looses focus.

I will look into all the things you mentioned and try to encorperate your suggestions.

Also, I hope in the next build of Media Portal you won't have to copy the plugin to two locations.

I think I know the problem with the SPACE command. For a temp fix, open the winlircplugin.xml file in the Media Portal folder and replace "{SPACE}" with " ".


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  • May 13, 2004
    the Netherlands
    Hi, I was trying to make a patch for the copy to 2 places issue that you are having. It seems to be easy to solve, but I cannot test with your plugin since it makes MP crash.

    21-9-2004 21:31:37 MediaPortal stopped due 2 an exception No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it System    at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Connect(EndPoint remoteEP)
       at Jadams.MediaPortal.Plugins.WinLIRCPlugin.WinLIRCReciever..ctor()
       at Jadams.MediaPortal.Plugins.WinLIRCPlugin.WinLIRCPluginBootStrap.Start()
       at MediaPortal.GUI.Library.PluginManager.Start() in f:\Scratch\mediaportal\guilib\PluginManager.cs:line 47
       at MediaPortalApp.OnStartup() in f:\Scratch\mediaportal\xbmc\MediaPortal.cs:line 479
       at MediaPortal.D3DApp.Run() in f:\Scratch\mediaportal\xbmc\d3dapp.cs:line 1065
       at MediaPortalApp.Main() in f:\Scratch\mediaportal\xbmc\MediaPortal.cs:line 187

    I think it would be nice if the exception would be caught and write an error message to the log.

    BTW: I know that this is because I don't have winlirc installed. But I think an error in the log is better than MP not starting.


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    August 30, 2004

    Mr.Mitchell said:
    I think it would be nice if the exception would be caught and write an error message to the log.

    DOH! I do catch that error in the setup window, I'm not sure why I didn't catch it in the reciever window. I'll be sure to update this too.


    Looking good. I wish I could test it, but I lack the hardware at this point. What is needed. Just a serial port IR receiver and any remote?


    Ok. When you are talking about more advanced microprocessors, you are talking about the remotes right? I actually have a learning IR remote program in my PalmOS handheld that works great, but I have a generic universal remote I bought a long time ago. . .can that work??

    Basically, maybe I don't understand what part WinLirc is doing. Does it sense what IR signal it is receiving, then you program what action it takes with that signal? That would make sense why you could use any remote. . .

    I would rather buy one than try to build my own. . .parts are a bit harder to find around here.

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