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  • January 7, 2008
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    To be able to to have 5.1 sound over the SPDIF from a WMV movie in Vista I have to do the following:

    Set ffdshow audio decoder as a post process in Mediaportal configurator Video

    In ffdshow audio decoder INITIAL settings: No checkboxes checked in the left column, Autput set to 16 integer checked, AC3 (SPDiF encode mode) checked. connect to DirectSound, apply only to SPDIF output checked.

    Start the WMV movie

    Now the movie starts but with stereo dolby prologic sound

    While the movie plays, open ffdshow audio decoder settings and check the box of Dolby Decoder in the left column, and all of a sudden I hear pure rich 5.1 audio from all my speakers.

    Nice I think, lets keep it this way.. but then when I start another WMV movie, I get the message "Unable to start video, Video codec : VC-1; Audio codec: WMA3"

    When I remove the check mark in front of Dolby Decoder in ffdshow audio decoder settings, WMV movies do start again, but with flat stereo audio of course.

    Now the big question.. What should I do to avoid manually check the Dolby Decoder everytime in ffdshow audio decoder settings?? I have been struggeling with this for ages now..

    BTW: I get the same error when I set the "Use 5.1 audio playback when playing WMV movie files" in Mediaportal Configurator.

    Has anybody an idea?



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