Wouw, this is a great software. (1 Viewer)



:D Guys, this is really great. I have been waiting for this reale long time. * Thanks :lol:


indeed very nice...

But not finished yet, so can't wait till all things/options are stable.

Hello all , Mediaportal newbee here. just wanna say that it's running ok here.(version But very experienced in tweaking / coding/decoding etc. etc. etc.(blah blaah) ya know.(lin/win)

Anyway as you can see on my signature. MediaPortal is running fine on the Asus TV FM pci-tv card. (chipset is newest analog from Philips , the saa7135).

Before i used Intervideo HomeTheater2+WinDVR3. both also very fine, but very clumsy because it don't support frequencies, only channels.(and UPC analog cable tv here in A'dam ain't by the channel standards(-&+)...and so sometimes the experience that the -or+ channels sometimes go back to channel standard so no picture(snow/black).

So i'll first gonna use mediaportal to check all it's possibilities on my software rendered tv-card(looking for dolby pro logic), and maybe in da future a dvb card(Netherlands is a lot of steps behind in dvb broadcasting, then other european countries). Because of monopoly of cable companies.

Anyway the thing that's positive on mediaportal is it's good possibility of configuration(&tweaking)...

But i do mis one option that my saa7135 chipset(Asus TV FM) offers.
Dolby pro logic. In Intervideo Hometheater2 i'd originally the analog sound(stereo) by a wire from tv-card to cd-analog-in soundcard. but i'd also the option wavechannel, then the sound goes from pci direct to if well configured spdif input(to audigy2 chipset) and so i'd Dolby pro logic.

I'm going to find out the next days how to get dolby surround(but i do think that cmss/eax = fine upmixed from stereo), this because mediaportal has the configuration, but the sound is only transferred by analog out(to cd-audio-in on card)..(or is this not working because of those stupid expensive dolby licenses)... or i'm too fast and have to use mediaportal a bit more...LOL
and a pdf file from Philips:
and afcourse...thanks to all the people who made mediaportal as what it is...

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