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January 27, 2008
Sweden Sweden
Hey, i just installed the newest MediaPortal SVN-Snapshot and Monochrome 2.1 as skinn, had a old setup before with an old k-lite codec pack so i decided to upgrade that too.
So i updated it all and now i have a big problem.

All my aspect rates are fucked up, cant watch anything in widescreen, if i choose to watch a file in the original aspect rate it becomes really small in the middle of the tv and if I choose normal its fullscreen. At some movies it works with 4:3 letter aspect but its not the same, I want 16:9 back.

Any tips?

Solution1: I changed the resolution in windows from 1366x768 too 1024x768 and now it works everything looks good again in MP but i didnt have that resolution before i installed the new snapshot.

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