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July 21, 2008

I had something very strange a minute ago...
When I got to the homepage of MP I was apparently logged in as someone else, or so it seemed.
Nobody has access or had access to my PC this weekend nor does anybody I know use MP (not because they don't like it, but they just don't have a mediacenter ;))

How is it possible that I seem to be logged in as someone else?
I tried to logout, but it then said I wasn't logged in... :confused:
Something must have gone wrong here, but I don't know what. Did someone use my computer without me knowing? My PC was on this day, but my room was locked. Really freaky! :eek:

I attached some screens I took...



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    dont panic ;) Thats not a real issue, its just a rare sideeffect caused by the caching component we use on mainpage for unregistered users. No login is made, no 3rd person data is availible to anyone, just a cosmetic issue.

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