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Discussion in 'Improvement Suggestions' started by Anonymous, April 27, 2004.

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    If we can play X-BOX Games through Media Portal... then bye bye X-BOX :D


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    not possible

    there has been so far only one xbox emulator working (even partially). dont expect anyhting from this, it supports only a few games and you need a kick ass system to get to run. and even if it runs it will never be as good as original xbox. long term, of course anything is possible, see ps emulation :roll:
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    April 23, 2004
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    vaeanu is right.
    Turok has been fully emulated on a PC, however the emulator needs some kickazz parts, it runs very well on a P4 2.8Gighz, Geforce FX, 1Gig ram..etc
    When i say fully...i mean u can play from start to end without your PC dying in the process..
    water does not show..its minor ..but its therefore not COMPLETE!

    if u want to play Turok..u need a pirated copy of the the's the emulator below...its a PC app and perfectly legal...but NO OTHER games will run on it..just Turok..and that took ages to make it be happy with that.

    see the link for mor info:

    therefore i dont believe that mediaportal will have anything to do with emulating xbox games...sorry
  5. Anonymous

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    snes however will do really fine :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Anonymous

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    I think an external application launcher will suffice for all emulation possibilities under MediaPortal. The MediaPortal authors should not have to write a program to cover every single application in history.
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    yep, thats the point, i think it s the feature everybuddy's waiting for :roll:

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