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    Hi all,

    Version 1.6 of the skin is now ready for Download. !!

    The skin is made for Mediaportal 1.0 and supports Tv2 and Tv3

    Realy imprtant : If you have installed a early version of the skin, please delete it first and be sure you have deleted also the skincachefolder of the skin. Without that the skin uses the old gfx.

    Version: 1.6 09.06.2008

    - fixed problem with common facade video
    - fix for dialog file stacking
    - overworked mesFilms stuff
    - fix for myTV series
    - fix for weather plugin
    - overworked mymusic file
    - overworked videoeditor
    - fix reference file for current svn

    Download Xface 1.6


    Version: 1.5 12.04.2008

    - fixed my radio.xml
    - some minor changes for 1.0


    Version: 1.4

    - updated Basichomescreen
    - updated common facades for music, pictures and video
    - updated myPics
    - updated myProgramms
    - updated mytvrecordedtv
    - updated Videoeditor
    - updated TvSeries
    - adding new Hoverpictures for Homescreen
    - some finetuning on several Places

    A realy "Big" thanks to all guys of the community, they have help me a lot, by overworking and adding stuff. Thats all now icluded in this version.


    Version :1.3

    I have fixed all bugs and problems ,you have mention in the thread (i hope so;) )

    Adding all new stuff for

    Adding new MyTv series stuff from "Spuck" (many thanks)

    and, for all you, they have had problems with the performance with this skin on slower sytems.

    I have reduce the filesize of the complete GFX stuff about 25 %, so the complete skin has now a ziped filesize of 10,9 MB instead of the old version it was 14,9 MB. The Skin runs now much faster and smoother, by same quality !! :)

    -Bugfixing of all mention bugs, i hope ;)

    Greetings Harley



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    November 14, 2004

    this skin is very, very good. The new cover view is amazing: looks very pretty and it is very fast to work with - I cannot find words for how cool this ist.

    Here is my feedback from the first tests. I am running 16:9 at 1366xsomething resolution.

    - the highlight for the current selected button is not visible enough; the blue shimmery looks cool, but one has to look twice to find which button is selected. Perhaps you cold add some light to the background of the selected button.

    - in cover view, the font size below the covers is a bit too small from my point of view. I am about three meters away from a 32'' screen, I can read it, but it's small.

    - the clock symbol in the upper right corner is nice, but irritating since it does not show the current time.

    - in cover view: the menu is only reachable when I am at the very start of the list and I'm pressing "left" again. This is ok so far, but what if I'm somewhere in the middle of the list? Then I have to press "left", hold some seconds until I'm at the start again, then the menu shows up. In lists with many items this can need 10 seconds or more.
    Can you show the menu when I'm pressing "up" or "down", too?

    - in "now playing" the coverart should have some border around it, would make it even nicer.

    - the background is very nice, I associate a stage lightened by some spotlights - a very good choice for a media center!

    Again, your new cover view is perfect. Beside the unbelievable cool design I really like how fast I can browse through it.


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    Really like this Harley! Especially the filmstrip mode with the cover-borders, could any developer add the spacing property to the reflection as i propose in this thread so the whole CD can be reflected?


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    October 3, 2006
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    Before I could start to test this, I needed to fix the tvseries.xml. The current one did not work for my versions.
    (Latest tvseries plugin and latest MP SVN on RC1)

    Its just a quick edit of Revision's original. Basic stuff will work, nothing major done.
    I dont use Fanart, so that will probably fuckup..


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    Here is a edited basic home xml file there i have added reversible="false" as a property in the slide animations.
    This makes the slide animations not reverse when they are interupted before they are finised.
    Translation: The "weel" will not look so messed up when spining around fast :)
    Just wanted to share, if you dont like it, feel free not to use it.

    BlueTwo has the sam problem maybe this should be added there too.



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    I have been testing a little bit.

    So far I agree with everything JulianBus said.

    And I would like to add that the spincontrol on basichome, is "buggish" when browsing fast.

    I would also like to be able to turn off animations, and still see what's highlighted.
    Currently you must have animations enabled.

    In PM3 you had a progressbar always visible when playing music, I would like to see that on this skin also.

    In filmstrip view, there is no need for a highlighted icon on the left side. Its just annoying, and takes up one space.
    The skin Core, has this removed.

    Besides from that: Great skin - I will have lots of fun with this in the coming days :)

    EDIT: Mirk fixed one of the problems allready \o/

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