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May 11, 2008
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Hi Guys,

I have created an RelaxNG Schema for the XML files of Media Portal. This will enable any RelaxNG XML editing tool to edit the XML files with drop down menus, and validity checking.

This file can be found here: https://mp-plugins.svn.sourceforge....s/XMLSchema-EditingTools/team-mediaportal.rng

For this to work every file needs to have "<window xmlns="http://team-mediaportal.com/mp-1">" in all the skin files. Name space declarations are a standard part of XML and should be ignored by non-aware applications, yet including this attribute seems to break skin file loading in Media Portal.

The Request
To have unknown or unexpected attributes ignored.

I am experienced in XML, but not in coding, so if someone is able to help with this is would be very much appreciated, and will allow my 100 or so hours of work to be used by the community.

I'm happy to work with a coder to solve this.


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