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Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by Anonymous, October 28, 2004.

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    Hello Everyone,
    I need some help, if this is the wrong place to ask I apologise.

    I am having trouble getting tv-guide info using d1xmltvgrabber. after I preform the grab, the tvguide.xml data file contains the following information,

    - <tv source-data-url="http://www.d1.com.au/D1xmltv.asmx" source-info-name="D1">
    - <channel id="10">
    <display-name lang="en">Imparja Television</display-name>
    - <channel id="2">
    <display-name lang="en">ABC Queensland</display-name>
    - <channel id="7">
    <display-name lang="en">Channel 7 Central</display-name>
    - <channel id="28">
    <display-name lang="en">SBS</display-name>
    - <channel id="9">
    <display-name lang="en">WIN Television</display-name>
    - <channel id="10">
    <display-name lang="en">Southern Cross TEN</display-name>

    Which contains no data about programing, or anything realy except the names of the tv stations.
    Has anyone else had this problem?
    Any help would be fantastic.
    thankyou in advance

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  3. samuel337

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    August 25, 2004
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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Hi Bryce,

    I'm the developer of D1XMLTVGrabber and I'm sorry to say that it seems like D1 (the data source) only have the data for sydney and melbourne metro only for this week (don't know what the future holds). Check out this thread for more details:


    p.s. just a friendly tip: next time search the forum and post this to the existing thread.
    pp.s. another friendly tip: the Tips and Tricks forum is for tried and true Tips and Tricks, you post belongs more in the Support-General forum. ;-)
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  5. Anonymous

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    Thankyou Sam, that explains the results I m getting. And thanks for the link to the other thread, sorry about the post in the wrong place, wont happen again. :oops:


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