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OnlineVideos for MediaPortal 2 Alpha

Discussion in 'OnlineVideos' started by offbyone, March 4, 2012.

  1. offbyone
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    OnlineVideos comes as part of the MediaPortal 2 Alpha 2 Installation!
    Don't expect every feature of OnlineVideos for MediaPortal1 to be available (MP2 as well as OV for MP2 are a work in progress), but it is getting close.

    If you want to create sites with the SiteParser (a tool for the Generic SiteUtil which helps with Regular Expression creation), attached is the executable (it is not part of the Onlinevideos for MediaPortal2 distribution). Extract the zip in the same folder where the OnlineVideos.dll is found (Plugins/OnlineVideos).

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      June 26, 2013
    Last edited: June 26, 2013
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  2. Quarter
    • Super User


    System Specs
    Woo hoo Thanks (y)

    Works good, I take it listview isn't an option yet.
  3. robbo100
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    offbyone - YOU ROCK!

    Thanks! I will give it a try and let you know how I get on.

  4. alexchini
    • Premium Supporter


    System Specs
    can say it work :)
  5. Spragleknas
    • Team MediaPortal
    • Administrator


    System Specs
  6. offbyone
    • Team MediaPortal

    offbyone Thread Starter

    System Specs
    I think I'll open another thread there for development maybe? IMHO people will look here first ;)
  7. morpheus_xx
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    Could you please upload a new version for Summer Release? Thank you!
  8. SiLenTYL
    • Team MediaPortal


    Pretty please!
  9. toricred
    • Premium Supporter


    With sugar on top?
  10. offbyone
    • Team MediaPortal

    offbyone Thread Starter

    System Specs
    Hi the zip files in the first post have been updated and should now work with the MP2 summer release.
    It took a bit longer as I first had to make a new version for the MP 1.3 Alpha.
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