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PowerScheduler++ 1.4.0.x - Stable versions for MediaPortal 1.4 | Page 99

Discussion in 'TV-Server Plugins' started by michael_t, April 16, 2011.

  1. Ok, cool! Thank you! Do you have an idea how to solve the other issue?

  2. kiwijunglist
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    I made a little program that adds idle timeout detection to PS++


    NB. This is only useful if you use the force sleep option in PS++ but want to prevent PS++ from forcing the PC to sleep when you are actively using it and MP is not running. (I have to use forcesleep with PS++ otherwise my HTPC sometimes doesn't sleep due to srvnet keeping windows awake)

    Extract files to the same directory
    Run SLEEP_TIMER.exe
    Open PS++ Config
    Select process to prevent standby
    choose process "DONT_SLEEP"
    Save changes
    Add shortcut to run sleep_timer.exe on windows startup

    How it works:
    SLEEP_TIMER keeps DONT_SLEEP process running. This prevents PS++ from force sleeping. If you are physically inactive (no mouse / keypresses) for 15 minutes it stops the process.

    Code (If interested):
    Show Spoiler

    Code (Text):
    2. #SingleInstance force
    3. #NoTrayIcon
    4. Sleep 900000 ; Run this process for 15 minutes then stop
    5. ExitApp
    Code (Text):
    2. #SingleInstance force
    3. #persistent
    4. #notrayicon
    5. SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
    7. Process, Exist, DONT_SLEEP.EXE
    8. ProcessExist = %ErrorLevel%
    9. if !(ProcessExist)
    10. Run, DONT_SLEEP.EXE ; Don't Let PS++ sleep
    12. SetTimer, CheckIdle, 60000 ; Check idle every 1 minute
    13. Return
    15. CheckIdle:
    16. if (A_TimeIdle > 900000) ; 15 minutes idle
    17. {
    18. Process, Close, DONT_SLEEP.EXE ; Let PS++ sleep
    19. Return
    20. }
    21. Process, Exist, DONT_SLEEP.EXE
    22. ProcessExist = %ErrorLevel%
    23. if !(ProcessExist)
    24. Run, DONT_SLEEP.EXE ; Don't Let PS++ sleep
    25. Return

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    Last edited: August 8, 2013
  3. kiwijunglist
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    ^ I made a mistake, uploading new version. Apologies to the 2 people that downloaded the file.
  4. michael_t
    • Team MediaPortal

    michael_t Thread Starter

    System Specs
    New test version available:
    - Tries to unmute the audio device for 10 seconds after resume / return from away mode and gives additional debugging output


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  5. Hi, I think it didn't work. But I receive an error message when I install the new version (attached).

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  6. I think I was able to resolve the problem with the srvnet driver by setting the "PowerScheduler forces standby" option. Thanks kiwijunglist, I wasn't aware this option exists ;)
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  7. Hello,
    PowerScheduler++ has significantly improved the resume/standby feature of my MP. I expected the upgrade to MP 1.4 to fix my last issue but it doesn't :cautious: .

    My PowerScheduler++ is not able to put my HTPC to sleep after 5 minutes, as it is supposed to.
    But when sending an 'Off' command through my IRtrans remote, the computer goes to sleep instantly and normally as it should.
    The TVService.log seems to report some activity before the 5 minutes are ellapsed (see the log starting at [2013-07-21 18:01:13,375]): can someboby tell me how can I identify that 'activity' (POWERCFG -REQUESTS does not report any driver other than TVService preventing standby) ? My Logitech wireless mouse/keyboard are Off, VNC is disconnected, there is no network activity... I miss ideas!:confused:

    It looks I have this behaviour since I switched from WinXP+MP1.2 to Win7+MP1.3 (but there were so many other issues on resume at that time: standby issues are less impacting than resume issues, especially for recordings:eek:)

    Thank you in advance for helping me in troubleshooting this.

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  8. Brudertac
    • Super User


    System Specs
    How can i install this on a Server without a Client Installed? Can not run mpe1 Files... Thanks!
  9. Jay_UK
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    Hi there,

    You could open the mpe1 with winzip and then manually rename/copy the DLL files.

  10. Brudertac
    • Super User


    System Specs
    Ahhh. thanks. :) Will do that.

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